No Crumbs Please!


No Crumbs Please

September 27, 2020

by: tancho baes

I remember feeling conflicted inside as I watched those hungry and malnourished 7-to-9 -year-old school children eating “lugaw” (Filipino rice porridge) brought by a government agency as their lunch that day under the agency’s school feeding program. I felt conflicted because on one hand, I was glad that those kids (a lot of them came to school with an empty stomach) had lunch that day. On the other hand, I was sad because there was nothing appetizing about the porridge. They were serving the impoverished students something that they themselves might not even care to eat. I wondered what that says to these impoverished students who already have a very low view of themselves?

“When we give the poor our best…, we are helping them gain their dignity, self-respect and self-worth.”

That day changed the way we do feeding programs. I have come to realize that when we give food to impoverished children, we are not only feeding their stomach; we are also feeding their soul. When we give the poor our best – when instead of giving them “crumbs” we give them the “better portion” of what we have, we are helping them gain their dignity, self-respect and self-worth.

So if you are thinking of helping the poor, please give them the “better portion” of what you have.

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.”
– Proverbs 22:9

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