Social investigation

We partner with the community leaders, local experts, local government agencies, business people and other civil society organizations to better understand the pressing needs and deprivation in the community. 

Incarnational Living

It is critical for our teams to live in our partner community, engage authentically with the people, listen closely to them and help them discover unseen capacities and potentials that can be tapped and harnessed.



We focus on the assets and strengths of the community and leverage on the abilities of the individuals. We also facilitate value-added opportunities and help the community establish new revenue streams and start cottage industries and enterprises.

Research and Development

We invest heavily on new technologies and infrastructure that will enhance the lives of the poor in a profound economic and social way. We explore innovative ideas on energy generation, environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity. We ask, in what areas can we still improve on to serve this community better?


There is so much work to be done in addressing rural poverty. This entails a lot of “hand-holding” with the community especially since a deep personal transformation is needed to sustain growth and change. We also recognize that getting them out of poverty is filled with challenges which require us to provide steady support to the community. We will journey with the rural poor and empower them to become active participants of their own development and be the people God destined them to be.

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