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Our comprehensive coalition does more together than each organization could do by itself, each using its unique gifts and skills to help free the rural poor from the bondage of poverty.




HFTN-Philippines champions the holistic transformational community development through skills training, innovative education, leadership development, spiritual formation and mentorship to help the people solve problems and build a strong, healthy and productive community for them and their family.


Hectares of Hope

Hectares of Hope runs the professional business operations of the farm and other social enterprises, trains the people, meets the demands of customers in the marketplace, and maximizes profits. Those profits will be reinvested back into the business for the ultimate benefit of the people and the community.

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FARDECO Agri Multipurpose Cooperative boosts local participation by providing an avenue where the people in the community can access training, funding, loans and other resources, and ultimately share in the profits. It also helps lobby our holistic development work to various government agencies.

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