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Tony Yeo

board member

Tony brings a successful business career and over 40 years of experience to HFTN-Phils and Hectares of Hope as an operator, investor and advisor. He is Executive Director of Jabez Capital in Singapore and serves as Chairman of the boards for BCD Pinpoint Direct Marketing Inc. and For Earth Singapore Pte Ltd. From 1995 to 2015, Tony was a Board Member of SAW Company SA & Horoswiss SA, the maker of the Swiss Army Watch brand. Tony will contribute his expertise in the areas of financing, investment and strategic partnerships. Tony and his wife live in Singapore.

relevant professional experience and skills

Chairman of the Board, For Earth Singapore Pte Ltd

ForEarth (Singapore) Pte Ltd is the leading provider of cleaning and sanitizing products in Singapore. The company utilizes environmentally sustainable products. Since its establishment in 2006, the company differentiates itself from competitors by manufacturing effective and environmentally friendly products at all times.

Chairman of the Board, BCD Pinpoint Direct Marketing Inc.

This Philippines-based company is the only full-service direct marketing agency in the Philippines. To date, BCD Pinpoint is one of the largest in Southeast Asia and still the only full-service CRM agency in the Philippines.


Managing Director, International Fulfilment Services Pte Ltd, 2000-2009
Managing Director, MOG Group, 1989-1999
Director of Marketing & Sales, General Printing & Publishing Services., 1980-1989

other board service

  • Board Member, SAW Company SA & Horoswiss SA, 1995-2015

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