Sheryl gutac

Ideals school coordinator

Sheryl is a Licensed Professional Teacher whose dream is to make the dreams of impoverished indigenous children possible. As part of an indigenous people group with very limited access to opportunities, Sheryl has experienced firsthand the plight of the poor and the hardships that they have to go through just to sustain themselves every day. Those experiences inspired her to join Hope for the Nations Philippines as a volunteer in 2015 and eventually work full-time in 2017. She recently earned a National Certificate II in Organic Agriculture and is currently taking Master of Arts in Educational Management. She is also working on a curriculum for the innovative leadership school to be set up by the organization in the community. Sheryl is tenacious in learning new skills and knowledge that would better equip her as an advocate and educator and she continually lives out her life in service to those who are in need.

relevant professional experience and skills

Master of Arts in Educational Management (Ongoing), University of Immaculate Conception, 2019-present

The Master of Arts in Educational Management (MAEM) is a graduate program that equips teachers in understanding managerial, supervisory and instructional competencies for higher-level educational leadership. It includes the exploration of the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum development, supervision of instruction and school activities and educational legislation.

Certificate in Organic Agriculture Production NCII, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

This national competency certificate covers skills for the production of organic farm products such as chicken and vegetables including producing of organic supplements such as fertilizer, concoctions and extracts. It has two (2) elective competencies which are on raising organic hogs and raising organic small ruminants.


This international seminar and training for school managers in the context of innovation focuses on effective communication for teachers, new trends and innovations in teaching, stress management , financial management and 21st century soft skills as needed by educators of today.


Class Adviser, AMA Basic Education, Davao City, 2016-2017

professional designation & academic background

  • Licensed Professional Teacher, 2015
  • Bachelors of Elementary Education Generalist, Assumption College of Davao, 2015

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