Farm Technician

Analou grew up in a poor neighborhood in far-flung rural area in Davao. She is like a ray of sunshine wherever she goes and there’s never a dull moment with her. She is very hard-working and she takes great joy in doing what she loves: farming, raising animals and growing flowers. Her two children were scholars of Hope for the Nations Philippines and it was through this that she got connected with the organization. In March 2020, Analou officially got hired as a Farm technician and caretaker of the organization’s test farm. Together with her husband, they are now wholeheartedly serving the poor through HFTN-Phils and they are faithfully pastoring a local church in Calinan. Because she knows what life in desperate material and spiritual poverty feels like, Analou is committed to helping other impoverished families, teaching them how to grow their own food and sharing with them God’s amazing love.

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